Product and brand piracy are actual and serious problems for the manufacturing industry. For, with increasing criminal energy products are copied regardless of authorization, law and consumer protection. The results are not only the loss of image and financial damage for producer and trader. Besides that falsifications of minor quality can cause irreversible and even life-threatening damage. Especially by falsification of medication and car spare-parts. For a successful fight against brand and product piracy Detective Lloyd offers a system of juridical, operational and technical strategy for prevention and counter measures up to confiscation of goods at the country boarders.
·disclosure of channels of distribution
·assessment of retailers and wholesalers
·localization of main warehouses and subsidiaries
·securing of evidence
·detection of illegal manufacturing plants
·retracement to the country of production
·collaboration with local lawyers
·assignment of actual security technique
·elaboration of solutions for prevention.

For many years General Manager Robert Hildebrandt is consultant and referee in this field of white-collar crime-