As a service company we bill our charges defined in hours, kilometres, technical equipment etc. We want to point out especially that the accounting records between the contracting entity and Detective Lloyd are to be agreed upon, and will be determined in a written contract for the determined task.

The services offered are sometimes to be done during exceptional hours. This, too, will show in the calculation. Vital for the calculation of costs will be the respective range of activity besides the number and qualifications of the agents.

  1. The accounting record will be between 60,00 and 95,00 per hour. For long-term surveillance more favourable conditions can be agreed upon.
  2. For night-hours, on week-ends, and legal holidays an additional of 30 to 50 % per quoted hour-rate will usually be charged.
  3. We charge 1,00 to 1,40 per kilometre. Here, too, we can work out better conditions for long distances
  4. Extra costs will be charged for the use of special vehicles (surveillance bus, airplane etc.)
  5. Special technical equipment as photo/video technique, long-term recording devices etc will be charged per day of use
  6. Depending on the time of the assignment flat-rate expenses between 10,00 and 25,00 per day will be charged.
  7. For financial research and special researches flat-rate charges will apply
  8. Necessary expenses.